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31 10 2008

How many of you have previously encountered a Rubik’s Cube? I’d hazard a guess at every single one of you. It’s irrelevant to this blog post, but how many of you have ever completed the aforementioned Rubik’s Cube?! Little more than a handful I would suggest.

I saw a post on Form Fifty Five about a Pantone Rubik’s (dubbed Rubitone), which I personally think would be fantastic, and I would definitely purchase one for my desk at work. To the best of my knowledge, this is a mere concept and not actually being produced. Please correct me if I’m wrong. The origin of this brilliant idea is here.

If, one day this is produced, rest assured I will be there with my money ready to buy at least one!

I’ve been having some fun of my own recently with my pantone swatch book! Keep and eye out for my {purple} hair being matched to a Pantone swatch…!




2 responses

3 11 2008

Wow that’s pretty awesome!

6 11 2008
» Rubik + Pantone de Diseño - Entes de la comunicación

[…] Pantone. Buena la idea, claro que podrían ser 9 colores por cada cara no 3, ¿cierto?. Enlaces: xkonstantine […]

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