// Hiring a Designer

15 11 2008

Many a time during the working week do I get frustrated by the customer, thinking they are always right. I’ve got news for you, and I make no apologies for saying this – they’re not.

They are paying good money to hire a team of designers {there are three of us} to work on their corporate identity, website, stationery, other printed literature etc. We make decisions in their best interests regarding their image and the way they are going to be portraying themselves to their customers, and potential customers. Despite the fact that we are the people in the know and they are paying us accordingly, so many of them fail to trust our judgement and decide that no, they’re actually going to do things their own way. The wrong way.

Take Company X for example, they had a new logo created, before I joined the design company I work for, and we are now well on the way with their website and corporate stationery. Problem 1, they want to print their own stationery on their “state of the art, top of the range” {their words, not mine} office printer. Problem 2, to do this, they want a 1cm white border added around the edge. Their state of the art printer cannot do a full bleed – enough said. Problem 3, they don’t want the company information left aligned, they don’t want it right aligned, they don’t even want it centralised – no, they want it so that certain digits in the phone and fax number line up.




2 responses

15 11 2008

Wow that must be frustrating. I know almost nothing about design and I still know that what they are wanting is wrong!

20 11 2008

Oh I know, exactly..! It’s so obvious that it’s painful (and oh-so-frustrating!) when people just don’t get it.

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