// Enough copy to publish a novel

19 01 2009

Over recent weeks, myself and my colleagues have been bombarded with copy. Lorem ipsum is there for a reason; it allows you to see how much space is realistically available. I work predominantly on print design, the little work I do related to web is normally image related to assist others, but I’ve seen pages and pages of text which have been sent over for us to insert onto a website. Why don’t people realise that nobody is going to sit there reading all those words. That’s all it amounts to; words. There are too many of them for people to want to read and digest, and so your message is lost.

At least with a website, you can scroll – with print design you cannot. The space you see is the space you have available. I cannot emphasise just how frustrating it is to receive enough copy to fill four times the available space. On Friday I condensed an article to about half its original size; cutting out surplus information, facts that were repeated throughout and paragraphs which held no real value in relation to the topic. And the result? The client is more than happy with my amended version. Now we just need to get it all finalised and approved and we can get it printed!




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