// Graphic Design Day

27 04 2009

Happy Graphic Design Day everyone! To ‘celebrate’ the day, I thought I would write a blog share some of my current favourite business card designs.

I use my account on weheartit to bookmark things which are a) of interest, or b) inspirational – these are both. I add to my resources as and when possible and I have a nice selection of things building up my account.




2 responses

20 05 2009

I like some of those. I think the top left sacrifices functionality for design, though. Surely, of all things, a business card needs to display information in a way that’s easy to read, find and is clear. Like the orange clear ones though.

20 05 2009

I think you’re probably right about the top left. Do you mean because you can’t glance at it quickly to ascertain the details, it’s almost as though you have to ‘decipher’ it first?

I am a bit of a business card snob, truth be told, but in my line of work I do get my grubby mitts on a lot of hideous ‘business cards’. A bad business card makes me cringe, and I have to question just how serious they are about their company when they cannot be bothered to present themselves well.


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