// Project 365

26 06 2009

For those of you who aren’t in-the-know about Project 365 (or those who would like to learn more about it), you can read about the concept here.

I initially started the project on January 1st 2008 (which would’ve made it Project 366 thanks to the leap year), though I found the British weather to be extremely bleak which drained my enthusiasm somewhat. I restarted on June 26th 2008, and thus ended yesterday – June 25th 2009. And what a year! Whilst I might’ve found the 2008/2009 Winter as equally bleak as the previous year, I was substantially underway to not cave to the internal pressure of giving up – and I’m so glad I didn’t.

Of course, some days it was extremely difficult to keep going. My life revolved around what was essentially a 9-5 job (in fact two 9-5 jobs, though I have since been made redundant – a story for a different day) and finding motivation some days was taxing, to say the least. So sure, some photos aren’t great, in fact I’d go so far as to say they’re downright dull, but apart from one monumental fuck up (pardon my French) on Day 281, I did what the brief told me, and took a photo every day for a whole year.

As for some of my favourites…? In no particular order:

Day 52: A chocolate heart Day 38: Long Distance Love Affairs Day 153: Sunset over Garforth #2 Day 175: Fifty pence Day 200: Emma Day 193: Cherries!
Day 227: Anna Day 202: Vine ripened Day 256: Origami heart Day 315: Feet & texture Day 255: Crazy Backcombing Day 245: Bed Friends
Day 205: Turquoise Day 130: Taking flight Day 25: Heart Shaped Box Day 332: Fountains Abbey Day 170: Shadow Day 358: Nana & Matty <3
Day 291: Postbox Day 98: Pantone Color Bridge Day 26: Leeds City Markets Day 133: Gunpowder, treason & plot Day 74: Hibiscus Day 12: Love Leeds!

The all important question — would I do it again? Most definitely! Not immediately, though it will be a definite adjustment to not have my camera almost surgically attached to me. Perhaps I will restart it in Summer 2010 so I can document the run up to my wedding, and my honeymoon – at least I’m guaranteed a few photos of interest that way!




10 responses

26 06 2009

Well done, you! Not sure I could do it – too flaky ;)

26 06 2009

Thank you Eri! There were moments when I wondered whether I would succeed, but I’m so pleased that I did!

26 06 2009

I wish I had the determination / a decent enough memory to do this!

26 06 2009

Thanks Nik. It was hard, but worth it now I can look back over it!

27 06 2009

Congratulations! I think I might have a go starting from my 21st birthday :)

27 06 2009

Thanks! It’s quite an accomplishment. Your 21st sounds an ideal time to start – go for it!

28 06 2009

I love the telephone and bedsheet one, some of these are great! I wish I could do something like this but my memory resembles that of a goldfish. Woeeeee. xxx

28 06 2009

Thanks Lauren. I liked the concept of that one – someone had done something similar (you can see it here). Seriously – if you did one of these, it would be immense – your photography is amazing.

29 06 2009

Great achievement Kate! Well done! xx

30 06 2009

Thank you! I’m really pleased that I succeeded!

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