// 12 photos in 12 hours

6 07 2009

A Photomarathon is a photograph competition with a twist: You receive a 12 picture film. Over 12 hours you have to take pictures on 12 given topics. It’s not your physical condition, but your sense of improvisation, fun and creativity that is stressed throughout the Photomarathon.

The first I heard of a photomarathon was via Newport-based freelance photographer Eleanor Jane, who took part in the event in Cardiff this year for the first time. You can read her blog on the run up to the day in question here.

Over 370 photographers took up the Photomarathon challenge, and an exhibition of all their photos will be held at Cardiff’s Old Library on The Hayes, in the city centre. It will be open to the public from Saturday July 25th until Sunday August 9th. Opening hours will be 10am to 4pm, everyday except Mondays.

I think it sounds like a fantastic concept, though sadly nothing of this nature in Leeds, or even Yorkshire as far as I’m aware…




2 responses

6 07 2009

That sounds like a great idea! Let me know if you find anything in Yorkshire – I’d love to take part after we move.

I’d quite like to blog about this too in my sketchbook for my course.

6 07 2009

I will do. I’d like to take part too as it sounds like a really enjoyable 12 hours!

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