// Colour

9 07 2009

Those who know me on a design-level, know how much I love colour, and selecting the right colours for a particular project / client. I’ve been complimented many a time on my choice of colour, and not once (touch wood) have I been requested to change a scheme. I am currently loving ‘Colour’ by Ambrose / Harris (shown below) — it’s #5 in the ‘Basic Design’ series along with other titles such as Format, Layout, Typography and Image.

I’ve actually had this book for a while now, but it really is a fantastic resource, and based on how impressed I’ve been with this book, I’d definitely consider some of the others from the series in the future.

Armed with this book, a Pantone swatch and ColourLovers.com anything is possible.

I’m particularly interested in colour psychology / symbolism and the responses and emotions a particular colour can evoke. I find it fascinating that a colour such as red; widely known (especially in Western society?) to represent passion and love, anger and war, can also be said to make people feel hungry. Think McDonald’s, Burger King, American diners…

Speaking of a contrast between Eastern & Western cultures; to us Westerns, black is a colour strongly associated with death, whilst white is used to celebrate marriage and life whereas in Eastern cultures, white actually represents death.

I’m currently loving the vibrancy of complementary colours and near complementary colours, they provide a wonderful contrast, and give something a real lift! Indeed my CV is created using contrasting colours (blue & orange), and as I’m not one for wishy-washy or drab shades, the colour scheme for my wedding next year is magenta & turquoise (near complements).

Perhaps colour is the new black?




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