// Shoe wheel

24 07 2009

Well, isn’t this an innovative invention? The shoe wheel, by Rakku Designs:

The Shoe Wheel is an ingeniously designed mobile storage unit with 20 expandable pockets that can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes depending on the type. Shoes are inserted into the pockets through elastic bands, which secure them snugly into place. The pockets are adjustable to fit a variety of shoes – sneakers, stilettos and flats. Just rotate the Shoe Wheel to make a selection.

Now I personally haven’t tried this yet (though I hope to one day), so I can’t do a specific review at this stage, although I will do as soon as I can lay my grubby mitts on one! What I do know from just looking at this product is just how much space it saves. I currently have a big clunky shoe rack which takes up half the hallway, and interferes with the front door when it’s opened – not ideal as I’m sure you’ll agree. Need I say more? The shoe wheel is on my radar, and my wish list.

Unfortunately the different-coloured-shoes-for-every-day collection from the first picture aren’t included.




3 responses

27 07 2009

I so need one of these, lol. The different coloured shoes are awesome, even though they don’t come with it.


31 07 2009

so love it

10 08 2009

That’s a great idea/invention. I probably wouldn’t use it, though. I’m too lazy to even try to organize my shoes. I just leave in random corners of my house and wear ’em when I need them. XD

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