// Sydney Tennis

11 08 2009

As one of the contestants for Awesome Tour of Sydney, I embarked upon Challenge One; to come up with my own cunning variant of Sydney Cricket, the rules and concept of which you can read about here.

For my ‘cunning variant’, I set about doing some research (I’m a Graphic Designer. I research, sorry!) about sport in Australia. Obviously everyone know about rugby, cricket, and Aussie Rules, but what other sports are popular Down Under? It transpires (according to Wikipedia, anyway) that tennis doesn’t do too badly in popularity stakes and quite a few top notch players have hailed from Australia.

And thus, I introduce you to Sydney Tennis: The rules of this are fairly simple: All you need are two players (although the rules could be adjusted to suit a doubles team), and one coin. The coin should be tossed to establish which individual (or team) will ‘serve’, and take your positions at opposite ends of the ‘board’.

The serving player should then flick the coin into the corresponding service box, at which point the player should return the coin (by flicking) to the server, and vice versa to form a successful rally. If the coin is flicked forcefully and overshoots the service box, server has one more attempt.

The same rules apply to Sydney Tennis as to ‘real’ tennis (with the exception of bounce!), and the coin must be declared out when it passes outside of the ‘court’. Scoring can mimic that of ‘real’ tennis, or a simpler “first to ten” approach can be adopted – mainly depending on the length of time players have available.

When the coin is passed to you, it should be flicked to return immediately. A delay of more than a second awards your opponent with a point (depending on scoring system used).

Let me know how you get on with playing this, and if you see any amendments that would improve gameplay, comment! I’m currently awaiting a package to get me started with Challenge Two, so I’ll be posting about that in due course..!




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