// All about Sydney!

17 08 2009

Week two of the Awesome Tour of Sydney is upon us. It’s a bleak morning here in Leeds, at a paltry 13 degrees. The same temperature currently being offered by Sydney, despite being late evening over there. I suppose you’d think after 24 years, I’d be up to speed on the poor weather that England has to offer, but apparently not!

Anyway, moving onto this weeks hot topic: Creating an outfit that screams ‘I’m all about Sydney’. Everyone knows that Sydney has a multitude of things to offer, from landmarks such as Sydney Opera House, Sydney Tower and Harbour Bridge, to Bondi Beach and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Everyone also knows that comfort is the crux of sightseeing and exploring, especially those of us who might’ve learnt the hard way in the past (I’m saying nothing)…

So far as fashion itself goes, I’ll happily admit I’m not the most clued up girl on the planet, but I recognise something iconic when I see it. Just as New York has the Statue of Liberty, Paris has the Eiffel Tower and Rome has the Colosseum, Sydney has the Opera House. It’s a hugely iconic landmark, and one you definitely wouldn’t miss if you found yourself in the area!

My outfit centres around comfort, and the iconic form of the Opera House (in a simplified form). A resident of Sydney is ofter referred to as a Sydneysider, and the city itself was established in 1788. The Sydneysider tshirt is loosely based on the cult classic I heart NY. With the emphasis remaining on comfort, the tshirt has been teamed with some ‘boyfriend’ shorts and flip-flops (embrace the warm weather if you have it!), with some awesome red accessories; a belt, sunglasses and a stunning red shoulder bag. Throw in the quirky camera necklace and you’re set – though without a doubt, you’ll have your own camera to hand ready to snap those all important holiday photos.

Credit to Polyvore for clothing / accessories images.




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31 10 2010
Magnesium Ascorbate :

i love designer shoulder bags that are designed by Prada and Gucci, they are the best ~

18 11 2010
Cutlery Tray

the shoulder bags that my girlfriend uses are always made up from natural leather ;;”

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