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18 08 2009

Image courtesy of In Habitat.

I’ve been so caught up recently with various things, including freelance work, and the Sydney Challenge that I haven’t had a spare moment to blog about my good news!

After months of hearing about the recession, and the current state of the British economy, my hard work of applying to job vacancies, contacting design agencies directly and walking four miles to get my Jobseekers Allowance has paid off. I’ve been offered a job! The company itself seems brilliant, they’ve produced some awesome work for some seriously big clients, the location is great and those who I’ve met so far seem extremely friendly and welcoming. I can’t wait to start!

So why, I hear you ask am I including a stereotypical photo of London with this post? I do live in Leeds, after all. Well…the new job is in London! To date, the furthest south I’ve ever lived is Grantham where I spent my teenage years, but I’m really looking forward to a change of scenery, and what is undoubtedly a fantastic career opportunity! I know there are lots of things in London to keep me occupied, and it has to be said that I’m excited about the prospect of having so much culture on my doorstep. So….feel free to recommend ‘must see’ London things (art galleries, the London Eye, general touristy things etc) for when I move down there in September.

I’m going to be based in South West London, but with such excellent transport links the entire city really is my oyster.




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18 08 2009

Spend a sunny Sunday in Greenwich Park. You won’t regret it! :)

18 08 2009

Dont forget to get an Oyster card for travelling around!

I’m sure there’s a design museum in London. I like the Oxo Gallery and Photographers Gallery too, they both change displays quite often.

18 08 2009

Congratulations on the job! I don’t know anything about London, of course, but I do hope you enjoy it. :)

20 08 2009

Caity sent me by!

Congrats! Can’t imagine what feels better than getting a job in this economy! “Jobseekers Allowance”…gotta love you Brits!

20 08 2009

Haha, what do you call it?! It’s more commonly called ‘The Dole’. It’s such a rush that I got a job – and one I think I’ll really love.

Thanks for the suggestions of London-things guys!

21 08 2009

Wow, super congrats on getting a new job! :D I think that graphic design is a fascinating line of work, so I hope to hear more about it. ^^ My uncle is a graphic designer, actually, haha. :D

And, being an American, I don’t have anything to offer for you to see in London, but I hope you have a lot to share and pictures to post. :] I really hope to visit the city someday; it seems like such an awesome location.

22 08 2009

Congratulations on the job! Sounds like a great opportunity. I visited London last year and fell in love with the city. Every street is different, and there are various people from various countries – all speaking on their own languages. Such a mix of culture!

22 08 2009

Congratulations on getting the job. I’d love to go into a big city everyday for work, that seems exciting.

22 08 2009

Thanks everyone. I’m really looking forward to it. My company is based in a suburb of London, so I’m going to get the best of both worlds I think with working / living in brilliant (but probably quite different) places.

23 08 2009
Freya Sykes

Congrats on the new job Kate…a big move for you, but one that is deserved hun! Well done!

On the London front…well there’s so much to do there! Some of the best places are:
The V&A Museum (It’s opposite the Natural History Museum and is great for all things arty farty and designy – it’s also got a fab paddling pool in the courtyard in the middle which is free to get into and is a top spot to take a picnic on a hot city day. ;-)

Any business/client meetings out of the office – try the IOD building…there’s a really nice little pub/bar in the cellar – good prices too.

For nightime photography work – try round Bar Italia in Soho area…especially at nightclub kicking out time…you’ll see allsorts there and you’ll get a great cuppa cawfeeeee!

Try a Leon Restuarant for good cheap healthy food too. ;-)

Covent garden for street entertainers…

Tate gallery for PreRaphelites – bliss! Tate Modern I think has a weird Helter Skelter thing in it at the moment…either there or Barbican – I can’t remember which it is!
The Royal Parks around Buck house for people watching and weirdly Pelican watching/photographing…nope I’ve no idea why they are there!

Kings Road or Notting Hill area for a chilled out Sunday breakie.
Golders Green for Rumbahbahs…Kilburn for Guiness…
The list just goes on and on – but the main thing is that London is what YOU make it…you’ll have a brill time hun and after living there – you may not want to leave – just be aware that EVERYTHING is way more expensive than up here. ;-)


24 08 2009

Epic comment, Freya – thanks! Gosh, I have not been to the Tate Britain, or the V&A for over six years, crazy! I think I’m going to be spoilt for choice once we’re there, but thankfully my generous salary should cover my ‘extra curricular activities’!

4 09 2009
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