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23 08 2009

Whilst reading back through my old entries, I was surprised to note that whilst I’d previously mentioned them in passing, I actually never blogged about Britain’s New Coinage.

The coins, created by Matthew Dent, were the winning entry from a national competition launched in August 2005. The Royal Arms is divided into four parts: England being represented by the three lions passant guardant in the first and fourth quarters, the Scottish lion rampant in the second and the harp of Ireland in the third. The new coins feature all four quarters spread over the six coins from the 1p to the 50p. Completing the new range of coins is the £1 coin featuring the shield of the Royal Arms in its entirety, uniting the six fragmented elements into one design.

This innovative set of coins was launched in April 2008, though current coin designs will remain in circulation and serve as legal tender for the foreseeable future. You can read about the thought process behind the coins here, and you can see the beauties in all their glory, below.




2 responses

23 08 2009

Oh wow, that’s pretty cool. They look awesome! Our coins are so dull compared to other country’s pretty money.

24 08 2009

These are amazing coins, especially whilst they’re still shiny! Really unique, and a lot more interesting than the regular coins (which we still have in circulation). I don’t mind the dollar money, although the notes are kinda monopoly-ish, haha!

I don’t remember many other currency’s (since the damn Euro took over!)

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