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25 08 2009

As I was saying yesterday about constantly getting caught up in the cycle of clicking into things and getting distracted, well it’s happened again today. Who knew you could lose hours of your life just by browsing the internet?

There’s a whole host of ampersand objects available, and I just can’t stop looking at those delectable curves and flourishes. I’ve found far too many things that I want to share to fit in one blog, so this one is dedicated solely to ampersand accessories (of which there are plenty – believe me)!

Let me know which your favourites are from the items I’ve posted, and if you know of any other ampersand accessories that should’ve made the list, I want to see them!

1. By Isette, sold on Etsy // 2. From a selection at Berdene.com // 3. From a selection at Berdene.com // 4. By Priscilla Carpenter, sold on Etsy // 5. From Veer // 6. By Isette, sold on Etsy // 7. By Isette, sold on Etsy // 8. By kristi222, sold on Etsy




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25 08 2009

I really like those cufflinks! I might have to get some for my husband. Have you seen http://ampertee.com? They sell ampersand t-shirts, and you can pick your style of ampersand!

25 08 2009

Aren’t they funky! ♥

I found Ampertee earlier, and it’s actually included in a draft version of another ampersand post. All kinds of household things / clothing coming next time ;)

I would say I need to “get a life”, but I’m in my element here!

31 08 2009

Oh wow, these are gorgeous; I totally love number 3, and I wish I could have one myself. ^^:

3 09 2009

Number 3 is my favourite too – I reeeeally want it!

30 03 2011
Meanwhile, on the Internet… // VOID-STAR.NET

[…] Ampersand accessoriesSurprisingly beautiful and very wearable. fashion:accessories typography […]

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