// Challenge Glass Week

4 09 2009

Following on from my post the other day about Creative Glass Packaging, I’m taking part in the Challenge Glass Week, an incentive aimed at promoting the world’s only 100% recyclable material.

I was away in London until Wednesday, so I’m currently playing catchup with the weeks challenges which are:

Monday – Use a glass bottle in a manner not initially intended by its manufacturers….
Tuesday – Share a perfect 5 track glass themed playlist on social networking or audio sharing sites
Wednesday – Create a glass inspired haiku
Thursday – Find or make a glass based video to share
Friday – Create a piece of glass-art, using only materials found in one’s bathroom
Saturday – Enjoy a ‘glass themed’ night in, or out – with pictures documenting it… Don’t forget to #tweetrecycle though!
Sunday – Take a picture of an inspiring view through a glass object (e.g. a glass bottle)

For now, you can have a picture promoting #tweetrecycle, but expect to see this post updated as I’ll be linking to each days challenge once I’ve got it on the internet. Bear with me, I’ve got a lot going on right now (I’m moving to London in two weeks and I’m nowhere near ready)!




2 responses

6 09 2009

Good luck getting everything ready to move to London!
Cool picture, by the way. Those challenges sound fun!

6 09 2009

Thank you ♥ Feel free to do the challenges over at your blog too! =)

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