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17 09 2009

During my final year at University (2005-6) I embarked upon a project for ISTD entitled ‘What day is it?’, which centred around calendar design.

Whilst sorting through various boxes and old folders during the epic task of packing for The London Move™ (which incidentally happens tomorrow!), I came across a lot of old projects from both high school and uni, some of which I got a bit nostalgic about.

I couldn’t find final pieces of work for some, but I had a lot of research, and scribbled notes —the majority of which I’m sad to say I threw away as I simply cannot keep hanging onto this stuff for the sake of it— but prior to this, I went through and tore out my favourites, one of which is this 1985 calendar, by Minoru Morita Graphic Design: click to enlarge. Wouldn’t it be amazing to reproduce? I’m currently almost finished my last personal project, the ampersand, which I’m hoping to complete and share once I’m settled into my new home.

It’s fair to say I’m a huge fan of ingenious ideas like the one above, but my favourite calendar to date has to be the Jumping Point calendar from the MoMA. I owned the 2007 edition of this following my visit to New York for Christmas 2006, and since then I’ve been desperate to get my hands on another.

The design was created and published by Michael Domberger in 1975, is “‘indispensable’, the most famous and successful Domberger calendar, popular with young and old”*, and it’s easy to see why as you create a colorful design when marking the passage of days or highlighting special occasions. All you need to do is punch out the days dot to expose the vivid color underneath.

I’m hoping to return to New York late 2010 / early 2011 (fingers crossed), so I’ll definitely be off to the MoMA to purchase a 2011 Jumping Point. If anyone is going to New York in the near future, I will say just this — feel free to bring me back the 2010 edition!

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10 08 2010
Tomasz Haracz

Plenty of great stuff here! thanks for sharing.

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