// Colour of the Year

8 12 2009

So, turquoise just got crowned Colour of the Year, 2010 by Pantone. In 2007, I got engaged, and during 2008 we decided our main wedding colour would be turquoise. Since I get married in Summer 2010 I’ve found myself ‘on trend’, for what is possibly the first time in my life!

Cufflinks, fold out chair, M&Ms

It goes without saying that I love this Pantone colour, it’s one of my favourites! Do you have one colour you love, or several you like?




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8 12 2009
Emma (emma_a1uk)

Purple!! LOVE!! :D

8 12 2009

When it comes to clothes and make up I love Maroon, Aubergine, Evergreen and Navy. They are the main colours I wear interspersed with patterns.

When it comes to things like interior design I am a bit more undecided though. I like a bit of plain with some interesting nicknacks.

9 12 2009

That’s difficult as my favourite colour varies. At the moment I’m loving cherry red and purple though :o) definitely a turquoise fan though! xx

13 12 2009

The photo of the M&Ms is divine!

I think my favourite colour is pink- a nice baby pink. Saying that, I don’t wear many pink clothes!x

15 12 2009

Haha, colour of the year!

My faves are:

traffic light green (so nice!)


5 01 2010
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9 01 2010
dawn lyons

I live in the US and would love to now both the price of the paint color or the name and number of a us paint company that can duplicate the turguoise color of the year.

11 01 2010

I would pay hardcore cash for a tin of pantone paint! Not sure whether it is being done / can be done.

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