// Top 10 fonts of 2009

7 01 2010

Those who know me will be aware that Calluna is way up there in my [proverbial] list of ‘favourite fonts ever’. Now, I don’t actually have a list, but if I did I think that Calluna would be sitting proudly in either 1st or 2nd. I’m obviously not the only one who noticed it; it was selected as one of the My Fonts Top 10 fonts of 2009, an rightly so!

Designed by Jos Buivenga from The Netherlands, Calluna was crowned most successful serif text font of the year. Calluna was initially a by-product of the design process leading up to Buivenga’s popular Museo typeface. While trying out different serif shapes, the designer chanced upon the possibility of giving his font “slab-serifs with a direction.” Instead of using the resulting asymmetrical serifs for a new Museo version, Buivenga incorporated the concept in a completely new typeface. Calluna was the designer’s first serifed text family — a robust, clean and contemporary face with interesting details and a forward flow. Its recent use as a book typeface has demonstrated that it works perfectly even at small point sizes; thanks to its striking details it also acts as a display typeface font with personality.

Despite the fact I’m not always a fan of serif typefaces, I love the overall look of this one, not to mention the beautiful ligatures (both standard and discretionary) — a topic I intend to dedicate an entire blog post to at some stage.

The other top nine were Champion Script Pro, Geogrotesque, Liza Pro, Memoriam, Alright Sans, Ivory, Narziss, We Love Nature & Aphrodite Slim Pro. To be honest with you, none of these jump out at me the way Calluna does, and though they have their own merits, Calluna has landed a number one spot for me.

Information source: My Fonts January 2010 newsletter.




3 responses

9 01 2010

Oooh, I love Memoriam!

11 01 2010

Yes! That’s one of the ones I really like! I’ve seen some really nice posters produced using that (or a very similar) font.

29 05 2010
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[…] as to just how many typefaces don’t include a simple ‘fi’ ligature. I’ve mentioned in the past just now enamoured I am with typographic ligatures, but these are mostly the discretionary ones […]

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