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1 02 2010

At the weekend, my fiancé and I made what I would class as an ‘investment’. We bought a new pair of Nike running shoes (you can see mine here), and a Nike+ sportband each. Naturally I got the white & pink one (pictured), and he went all manly and got the grey and yellow one. Technically they are grey & pink / black & yellow, and whilst mine might be very light grey instead of white, there’s no way on earth the grey is black!

For those of you who aren’t in the know, the wristband comes with a sensor which you slot into the sole of your left shoe (underneath the insole) and you sync the two pieces of kit together. The sensor in the shoe transmits details of your distance, pace and calories burnt to your wristband, which you can plug into your computer (via USB!) and upload to the Nike website to track your progress!

Sounds pretty fantastic, doesn’t it? I’ve only used it twice so far, but I’m already impressed, and plan to use it regularly for the foreseeable future!

From a design point of view, the wristband is sleek and attractive, and the incorporation of a removable USB device to share your runs is ingenious. The sensor is a design marvel in itself, from the way it slots into the sole of the shoe, to the fact it’s cleanly branded with Nike & Apple making it not only a nifty tool, but visually pleasing too (considering it’s not on show!).

Furthermore, I’m loving the infographics on the website; it shows your runs according to the date, and each individual run in graph format based on speed and distance, with icons to map how you were feeling, the terrain upon which you ran, and also a route for the run. I’m looking forward to getting some more information logged over the next few days so I can start seeing my progress!




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2 02 2010

I got one for Christmas and have been waiting to get over an injury so I can use it! Although my computer is being a little difficult when trying to set it up… either that or the fact that I’m technologically challenged could be something to do with it…

2 02 2010

We actually had some issues installing ours, so I think it’s not as straightforward as perhaps it could be. We ended up uninstalling, then when we put it back on, it seemed to work.

*Touch wood*, of course!

2 02 2010

Oh awesome! I had thought about doing that… then I just felt like an idiot for awhile… and then I dropped it. But I’d like to start using it this weekend, so it’s about time I get the calibrating and such done! Thanks!

2 02 2010

Good luck with it – keep me posted! ;)

2 02 2010

Oooh excellent idea for Lewis’ bday. I like the idea of the sportband, but then he’s got the software for it on his iPhone. Do you run with music? Either way,l could still get him the sensor or something. Hmm.

2 02 2010

Software for the iPhone? What’s that then?! The woman in Nike Town said it couldn’t integrate with iPhone yet. You can get the sensor (for your shoe) and something which plugs into the base of an iPod (you know the one, the wide charger thingy) – but I got the wristband as I was told it wouldn’t work with my phone? =/

Ordinarily I run with Laurence, but tonight I went with iPod – I had my wristband on as usual and carried my iPod.

14 02 2010

Under the settings menu on the iphone there’s a Nike bit, it gives you the option of a power song etc? I dunno how it works really, I just watched a video on the Nike website that said you can just get the shoe sensor & the iphone & it’ll work!

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