// Hipstamatic (II)

4 12 2010

I doubt the amount of snow we’ve had in the UK over the past few days has escaped anyone’s notice, and it’s a definite testament to the fact that Christmas is most definitely coming, and winter is in full swing; the temperatures are sub zero, Starbucks has never tasted better, trains are cancelled and the country grinds to a near halt. And now, it’s Hipstamatic time:

1. “Christmas music will start…” in the Starbucks in Reigate 2. Starbucks tastes so much better when it’s bitterly cold outside. FACT! 3. My beautiful pink Converse pretty much hate me after I wore them in the snow. They are not waterproof and my toes were numb! 4. Snow covered tram line 5. The husband and I had our new couches delivered through several inches of snow. Good work DFS! 6. Spot the car! Good job we didn’t need to go anywhere, or we would’ve had to dig her out!




3 responses

7 12 2010

Wow you definitely have had a lot of snow. Nice photos.

21 12 2010
kate powell

It is crazy amounts of snow for the UK, and we’re totally not ever equipped for it.

26 12 2010
// Hipstamatic (III) « // xkonstantine

[…] to be in Hawaii at the moment, but the snow you see in these photos, and the snowy photos in this post kept me in this cold icy country. Not impressed doesn’t quite cut it, but we have a […]

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