// Aloha!

25 01 2011

I love the fact that the state abbreviation for Hawaii is “HI” and it’s true to its word. Every where you turn, there are people greeting you. Smiling, saying hello, being generally friendly. Considering I live in anonymous London, and given the fact I find it bizarre that people who live in the countryside talk to strangers, I have to say I actually loved it!

I loved the fact that everyone is nice and that it’s such a calm, laid back place. I loved the sunshine and palm trees; turquoise water and golden beaches; live music and mango margarita’s. I miss Maui A LOT.

    I intend to get back to the land of blogging soon – I do miss it (and I actually have some things to post), but I’m currently trying to readjust to being back in England; the grey days, cold dreary weather, and eight hour days in the office.

I’m TIRED, and in contrast to Hawaii, I really don’t like England very much.

Anyway…I’ll be back soon! Miss you all xo




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