// Hipstamatic (III)

26 12 2010

The latest Hipstamatic instalment…I’m supposed to be in Hawaii at the moment, but the snow you see in these photos, and the snowy photos in this post kept me in this cold icy country. Not impressed doesn’t quite cut it, but we have a rescheduled flight to catch tomorrow, the snow and ice is starting to thaw out, and Heathrow has been getting flights out on schedule, so here’s hoping…

1. Easyjet flight from Gatwick to Glasgow International 2. Foil balloon for my dads 60th 3. Sixty cake, baked by my mum 4. Wandering up a mountain in Scotland 5. Book worm 6. US Dollars, that I haven’t had the chance to spend yet! 7. Temperature in my friends car – it dropped to -8.5°c before we got home 8. Snowy tram lines at Ampere Way 9. Drinking wine to drown my sorrows the night we found out our flight was cancelled 10. Drinking more wine…to drown my sorrows 11. Carr Lodge Park, just outside Wakefield 12. Pink champagne on Christmas morning


// New discovery: Path

12 12 2010

This morning I managed to stumble across Path when browsing the iPhone app store.

It’s described as “The best way to capture and share photos of your life with close friends and family”. As it stands, I have no friends or family following my Path (Username: ka-pow), but I’m currently loving the wonderful Path for iPhone interface irrespective of the fact nobody is aware I’m posting!

There were some negative comments within the reviews about the fact that Path now allows you to browse to your iPhone library to import older photos, rather than simply forcing you to use a photo taken through the app in the exact moment, but I have to disagree; I’ve enjoyed importing photos from the past couple of months (and it labels them as older photos, so there’s no confusion as to what’s current and what isn’t), and I also fully support the fact that this allows you to include photos taken through third party apps such as Hipstamatic, which as you all know, I’m a huge fan of!

Anyway, to give you a little look at the interface I’ve raved about, I’ve taken some screengrabs of my own path in action…

The idea is to upload photographs as “moments” on your path, which other users can follow. When you upload an image you have the option to assign tags for People, Places and Things, and this is how it labels your photograph! For example, in the aeroplane image above, “Easyjet” is the Thing, and “Gatwick Airport” is the place.

I love how you can see a snippet of your photos in a scrollable list, it shows you the tags and also how old the image is within the timeline. When you click into the image you can see where the photo was taken on a map, or (I presume) see which of your friends and family have viewed your picture. It seems like such a cool little tool, and potentially the next thing in the Photo Blogging world.

// Hipstamatic (II)

4 12 2010

I doubt the amount of snow we’ve had in the UK over the past few days has escaped anyone’s notice, and it’s a definite testament to the fact that Christmas is most definitely coming, and winter is in full swing; the temperatures are sub zero, Starbucks has never tasted better, trains are cancelled and the country grinds to a near halt. And now, it’s Hipstamatic time:

1. “Christmas music will start…” in the Starbucks in Reigate 2. Starbucks tastes so much better when it’s bitterly cold outside. FACT! 3. My beautiful pink Converse pretty much hate me after I wore them in the snow. They are not waterproof and my toes were numb! 4. Snow covered tram line 5. The husband and I had our new couches delivered through several inches of snow. Good work DFS! 6. Spot the car! Good job we didn’t need to go anywhere, or we would’ve had to dig her out!

// Things I love (VI)

28 11 2010

Loving the muted, pastel shades of these photos, and the warmth they omit. I’ve linked them all back to weheartit so that any users of that site can heart any of these images they like. Enjoy ♥

// Hipstamatic (I)

23 11 2010

Oh, how I have missed blogging. I have a colourful array of excuses for why I’ve been away…getting married, never having the time, moving house and not having the internet all fall under that category. I’m happy to say I’m now a wife, have a fair bit more free time, am living in our new house AND have the internet installed again. Happy Kate!

This post is inspired by my lovely friend Lauren, who is also a bit of a Hipstamatic fan (and who undoubtedly has more in-app lenses/film than me)! I’d love to know if you have any favourites amongst this first batch of Hipstamatic photos.

1. UP! My pink Converse and jeggings 2. Starbucks addiction 3. John Lewis phone 4. Waitrose cupcake 5. Old shoes I had to part ways with 6. Starbucks Christmas cups have arrived! 7. We moved out of Flat B 8. Rainbow over Croydon 9. My best friends brothers birthday cake – his parents took him to Las Vegas for his 21st (not at all jealous!) 10. The husband with a signed Grant Holt shirt (stained with blood, sweat and er, grass) 11. FL Office dog 12. Drinks in the office during a particularly harrowing final push to hit deadline.

// Numbers

26 01 2010

I get weekly emails from both Typography Served & Photography Served. This week, rather than the typography, it was actually some of the showcased photography which caught my eye – in particular the series below.

When they’re reduced to small scale as below, they aren’t instantly recognisable for what they are; the naked human form (all female), artfully arranged into numerical forms. Whilst this series of number is entirely female, there is also a set of male numbers on the creators website (featured below). I love how fluid the numbers appear, and see no reason why the sequence couldn’t be expanded in the future to also include letterforms.

I feel like this concept is the kind of thing which could work really well within a Sanex / Vaseline ad campaign; their television adverts lean heavily towards imagery of nude models, so in my opinion this would align perfectly as a headline typeface or similar. They’re eye-catching to say the least!

Sequence of numbers created by Arjan Benning | Credit to Kimberley Chan for reminding me what the naked-adverts were when I’d come up against a total mind block.

// Things I Love (II)

5 12 2009

Following on from this ‘things I love’ entry, I promised to make it a regular thing, and here is my second posting. Not strictly design related this week, but just images which made me stop, and look again, or look more closely. Basically images which have something about them, from fake clouds and macaroons, to birdcages and rubber ducks. Enjoy!