// Things I love (VI)

28 11 2010

Loving the muted, pastel shades of these photos, and the warmth they omit. I’ve linked them all back to weheartit so that any users of that site can heart any of these images they like. Enjoy ♥


// Colour of the Year II

5 01 2010

Since my initial Colour of the Year post at the beginning of December, we’ve entered into the actual Year of Turquoise (♥), and Pantone have pinpointed some more turquoise products — this time it’s kitchenware, available from Cuisinart and Le Creuset.

I actually saw some of the turquoise Le Creuset range last weekend whilst shopping in Debenhams with the boy, so I’m pleased to see it’s on Pantone’s radar also.

My favourite:

Kone Kettle & Traditional Whistling Kettle – Le Creuset

// Christmas by Colour

29 12 2009

Just before Christmas, I stumbled across Christmas by Colour. I think (correct me if I’m wrong) Christmas by Colour came about in 2008 to try and escape those bog-standard Christmas colours we find ourselves inundated with from some time in October.

As the website says, Christmas by Colour is an exploration into the colours that shape our Christmas. Frustrated at the plethora of Christmas reds, whites and greens we decided to explore the colours people really associate with their Christmas.

A brilliant idea, I’m just disappointed I discovered CBC and their fantastic greetings cards (& wrapping paper!) too late to order any. That said, I did take advantage of the wallpapers available for download, and ‘Sprouts’ graced my desktop at work until I left the office for Christmas holidays on the 22nd.

Some of my other favourites (not all of which made the cards) include ‘Bank balance’, ‘End of the Sellotape’ and ‘Going to/from work’. Which do you like the best?

1) My twist on ‘Sprouts’ 2) Original ‘Sprouts’ by John Dowling 3) ‘Going to/from work’ by Greig Anderson

// Colour of the Year

8 12 2009

So, turquoise just got crowned Colour of the Year, 2010 by Pantone. In 2007, I got engaged, and during 2008 we decided our main wedding colour would be turquoise. Since I get married in Summer 2010 I’ve found myself ‘on trend’, for what is possibly the first time in my life!

Cufflinks, fold out chair, M&Ms

It goes without saying that I love this Pantone colour, it’s one of my favourites! Do you have one colour you love, or several you like?

// Action Book

17 11 2009

Does anyone have a Behance Action Book? I have a bit of a soft spot for nice stationery, and I’ve had my beady eye on this since I saw an orange version on my Creative Director’s desk and felt severe pangs of jealousy.

Having been frustrated previously that notebooks never combine a range of paper for different purposes, I was blown away by the fantastic format of the Action Book; the pages are multi-function with space for notes, lists and sketches in one place.

Oh, did I mention that another Director ordered one for me (and some others for my colleagues) today? I’m getting the turquoise one (PMS 629) and am far more excited about this than I should be! Can’t wait for it to arrive ♥


// Ecclestone & Miller

23 08 2009

Speculative logo design work created (whilst employed at a Leeds studio) for regional cleaning company Ecclestone & Miller. The colours I opted to use are complementary, providing a strong, vibrant contrast throughout the brand, and all four logos featured a prominent ampersand. The one featured here is by far my favourite of the set.

It’s possible that I’ll blog about ampersands in the future, as I find them such a fascinating letter form, and only discovered today that the ‘&’ is often regarded as the 27th letter of the alphabet.

// Michael Jackson

13 07 2009

I came across this image this morning whilst catching up on the blogs I follow. The concept is very tongue in cheek, I don’t disagree, but is it crass or comical? You decide.

To the untrained eye, it’s a play on a Pantone swatch booklet – a tool for designers anywhere in the world to colour-pick accurately.

RIP Michael Jackson // August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

First seen on FormFiftyFive.