// Numbers

26 01 2010

I get weekly emails from both Typography Served & Photography Served. This week, rather than the typography, it was actually some of the showcased photography which caught my eye – in particular the series below.

When they’re reduced to small scale as below, they aren’t instantly recognisable for what they are; the naked human form (all female), artfully arranged into numerical forms. Whilst this series of number is entirely female, there is also a set of male numbers on the creators website (featured below). I love how fluid the numbers appear, and see no reason why the sequence couldn’t be expanded in the future to also include letterforms.

I feel like this concept is the kind of thing which could work really well within a Sanex / Vaseline ad campaign; their television adverts lean heavily towards imagery of nude models, so in my opinion this would align perfectly as a headline typeface or similar. They’re eye-catching to say the least!

Sequence of numbers created by Arjan Benning | Credit to Kimberley Chan for reminding me what the naked-adverts were when I’d come up against a total mind block.


// Portfolio design

26 11 2009

I spent some time during the last couple of afternoons looking for portfolio designs – very few of which were anything to write home about, and a vast array use Lightbox technology. Sure, it looks pretty nice and I used to be a massive fan of it…until it started cropping up everywhere. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen it in action the last couple of days, but as soon as I saw that telltale overlaid image opening up, I clicked that little cross in the corner of the window — you know the one I mean.

It’s only recently that I’ve begun to delve into web design, and perhaps in light of that you think I’m probably not ‘qualified’ to judge other peoples attempts, but I think it’s exciting to see something fresh and different; something unique; something that makes you think “wow”. The first time I saw Lightbox in use on a webpage I have to admit I thought “Hey, that’s pretty cool”, but after the hundredth time I have to try and suppress a yawn instead.

My rooting around in the depths of The Internet did bring some level of success; there were a handful of websites which I deemed interesting enough to add to my substantial collection of bookmark folders. I’ll share the favourites with you below:

Marc Anton Dahmen Images

Thibaud’s Portfolio

Nisgia Interactive

Obviously I’m not saying “these are the only people who have created a portfolio like this”, I’m merely stating that from the sites I’ve seen over the last two days (and there have been A LOT), these are the three I would regard as the most original, and visually interesting. Let me know what you think, and if you have any personal favourites.

// Creative Glass Packaging

27 08 2009

VOTE NOW, as part of the Friends of Glass initiative, for the glass packaging you believe is most creatively and aesthetically appealing…the ten contenders are Coca Cola, Tous H20 Perfume, Tabasco Sauce, Iskilde Water, Diesel ‘Only the Brave’, Absolut Vodka, Perrier Water, O Water, Kenzo Perfume and Solan de Cabras Water.

For me, the decision was easy, and I’d placed my vote within five minutes of arriving at the website. As far as I was concerned, Tous H20 won by an absolute mile. The bottle is unlike anything I’ve seen before and thus wins on creativity and ingenuity – I felt a lot of the finalists were a bit generic to be crowned winner. I love the teardrop shape of the H20 bottle, and the cool blue glass of its multi-faceted surface. Irrespective of the scent itself, I’d give this beauty pride of place on my dressing table!

Not only is the bottle beautiful, it’s been dubbed as “eco-chic”, so it’s an all round winner! The glass is made from 25% recycled material and is 100% recyclable, the cardboard box is FSC certified, and a percentage of the profits are donated to support the Intermón Oxfam program which helps provide safe and clean drinking water to disadvantaged communities for as long as the product is on the market.

Who does your vote go to?

// Ampersand accessories

25 08 2009

As I was saying yesterday about constantly getting caught up in the cycle of clicking into things and getting distracted, well it’s happened again today. Who knew you could lose hours of your life just by browsing the internet?

There’s a whole host of ampersand objects available, and I just can’t stop looking at those delectable curves and flourishes. I’ve found far too many things that I want to share to fit in one blog, so this one is dedicated solely to ampersand accessories (of which there are plenty – believe me)!

Let me know which your favourites are from the items I’ve posted, and if you know of any other ampersand accessories that should’ve made the list, I want to see them!

1. By Isette, sold on Etsy // 2. From a selection at Berdene.com // 3. From a selection at Berdene.com // 4. By Priscilla Carpenter, sold on Etsy // 5. From Veer // 6. By Isette, sold on Etsy // 7. By Isette, sold on Etsy // 8. By kristi222, sold on Etsy

// Royal Mint

23 08 2009

Whilst reading back through my old entries, I was surprised to note that whilst I’d previously mentioned them in passing, I actually never blogged about Britain’s New Coinage.

The coins, created by Matthew Dent, were the winning entry from a national competition launched in August 2005. The Royal Arms is divided into four parts: England being represented by the three lions passant guardant in the first and fourth quarters, the Scottish lion rampant in the second and the harp of Ireland in the third. The new coins feature all four quarters spread over the six coins from the 1p to the 50p. Completing the new range of coins is the £1 coin featuring the shield of the Royal Arms in its entirety, uniting the six fragmented elements into one design.

This innovative set of coins was launched in April 2008, though current coin designs will remain in circulation and serve as legal tender for the foreseeable future. You can read about the thought process behind the coins here, and you can see the beauties in all their glory, below.

// 12 photos in 12 hours

6 07 2009

A Photomarathon is a photograph competition with a twist: You receive a 12 picture film. Over 12 hours you have to take pictures on 12 given topics. It’s not your physical condition, but your sense of improvisation, fun and creativity that is stressed throughout the Photomarathon.

The first I heard of a photomarathon was via Newport-based freelance photographer Eleanor Jane, who took part in the event in Cardiff this year for the first time. You can read her blog on the run up to the day in question here.

Over 370 photographers took up the Photomarathon challenge, and an exhibition of all their photos will be held at Cardiff’s Old Library on The Hayes, in the city centre. It will be open to the public from Saturday July 25th until Sunday August 9th. Opening hours will be 10am to 4pm, everyday except Mondays.

I think it sounds like a fantastic concept, though sadly nothing of this nature in Leeds, or even Yorkshire as far as I’m aware…

// Graphic Design Day

27 04 2009

Happy Graphic Design Day everyone! To ‘celebrate’ the day, I thought I would write a blog share some of my current favourite business card designs.

I use my account on weheartit to bookmark things which are a) of interest, or b) inspirational – these are both. I add to my resources as and when possible and I have a nice selection of things building up my account.