// Things I love (IV) – Limited Edition Posters

18 02 2010

As I’ve mentioned before, I get weekly emails from Typography Served. This week I enjoyed The graphic sentences collection by Harmonie Interieure; a short series of limited edition posters (numbered to 100), 45 x 55 cm and printed on 250gsm. I would love to get a set of these, if it weren’t for the small fact of not having anywhere to display them. They’re beautiful though, and I bet they’d be a real treasure to own (and see on your walls every day). You can make your own mind up as I’ll share visuals below:

What do you think? Which is your favourite? Will you be purchasing one of these posters, or even a complete set?


// First impressions

8 09 2009

I had planned to blog about this a while ago (when I was job hunting, specifically) as whilst trawling the internet for design companies to approach, I was completed and utterly dumbfounded at the number of horrendous websites I came across who offer design for web and print.

First impressions, anyone? For me, they are vital, yet there is a vast amount of ‘design’ companies who apparently do not think so. Unsightly websites, with no consideration having been given to space, colour or layout, and just as bad – riddled with spelling errors and poor grammar. Of course I’m not saying that I’m perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and like everyone else, I make (occasional) mistakes, but I didn’t want to work for a company that doesn’t take pride in the work they produce for themselves as well as their clients.

If I were looking for a company to create me a website, the first thing I would take note of is their own website. Surely that’s the best sales tool a web design company has? If a web company has an amazing website, prospective clients will know you can make them an amazing website. If the web company have an crap website, I hope you’re going to be clicking straight onto that little cross in the corner of your browser.

You may disagree, but in my opinion, that’s exactly what a company like that deserves. If they don’t care when it comes to presenting themselves, how much will they care when it comes to presenting you…?

// Royal Mint

23 08 2009

Whilst reading back through my old entries, I was surprised to note that whilst I’d previously mentioned them in passing, I actually never blogged about Britain’s New Coinage.

The coins, created by Matthew Dent, were the winning entry from a national competition launched in August 2005. The Royal Arms is divided into four parts: England being represented by the three lions passant guardant in the first and fourth quarters, the Scottish lion rampant in the second and the harp of Ireland in the third. The new coins feature all four quarters spread over the six coins from the 1p to the 50p. Completing the new range of coins is the £1 coin featuring the shield of the Royal Arms in its entirety, uniting the six fragmented elements into one design.

This innovative set of coins was launched in April 2008, though current coin designs will remain in circulation and serve as legal tender for the foreseeable future. You can read about the thought process behind the coins here, and you can see the beauties in all their glory, below.

// Ecclestone & Miller

23 08 2009

Speculative logo design work created (whilst employed at a Leeds studio) for regional cleaning company Ecclestone & Miller. The colours I opted to use are complementary, providing a strong, vibrant contrast throughout the brand, and all four logos featured a prominent ampersand. The one featured here is by far my favourite of the set.

It’s possible that I’ll blog about ampersands in the future, as I find them such a fascinating letter form, and only discovered today that the ‘&’ is often regarded as the 27th letter of the alphabet.

// Graphic Design Day

27 04 2009

Happy Graphic Design Day everyone! To ‘celebrate’ the day, I thought I would write a blog share some of my current favourite business card designs.

I use my account on weheartit to bookmark things which are a) of interest, or b) inspirational – these are both. I add to my resources as and when possible and I have a nice selection of things building up my account.

// Origami

8 03 2009

Origami is something which has fascinated me for a very long time. For those who don’t know, origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. There is a lot of interesting information about origami (including speculation about it’s origin) on this Wikipedia page.

My own origami abilities are currently very limited, but it is something I would like to improve on. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? I was first introduced to origami almost a decade ago by a Chinese friend of mine. I learnt how to make miniature stars, and a heart and I can remember the folds required to this day.

Of course, I don’t intend to jump back into this at the deep end, with works of art like the one shown below (taken from this webpage), but a good place to start would be with tutorials for basic creations.

// Apple iPhone

9 02 2009

As anyone who knows me will know, I’ve been waiting for well over a year to own an Apple iPhone. 18 months, and a Nokia N95 Plum later, it is mine.

Not in the transparent format shown below, but in a fully functioning, oh-my-gosh-it’s-so-amazing kind of way. And yes, I am ecstatic — it’s fab and was well worth the wait.

I have a bit of a thing for Apple products, but seldom are they in my price range. The iPhone was (just), and for this I am thankful. It’s a wonderful piece of design; sleek and stylish, the interface flawless – I really can’t fault it.