// Looking for work

29 06 2009

I live and breathe graphic design. I can commit myself 100% to a project, whether it’s a logo development, a multi page brochure or promotional material. I immerse myself in it, not surfacing until I’ve created something I’m happy with. Something I’m proud of.

Since graduating in 2006 I’ve worked in both a studio, and an in-house environment, as well as on a freelance basis and over the years I can look back over what I’ve produced (sometimes whilst cringing, sometimes not) and know that over the years, I have undoubtedly refined my skills and striven forwards. I have improved. I know I have.

Last month, this changed. Out of the blue I was made redundant and found myself amongst the 600,000 people estimated to lose their jobs during 2009. I’ve since gone through the process of sprucing up my CV (it looks pretty damn good if I say so myself), bulking out my portfolio with my best pieces of work; some old, some new and sending off work samples along with my CV to a multitude of job adverts and companies I like the look of.

All I need now is an opportunity to show my portfolio off to someone!