// Wedding Prep

18 07 2010

As some of you will know, I’m a designer who’s getting hitched at the end of August. It makes perfect sense that of course I would design everything that needs to be designed. Invites, table plan, guestbook, you name it, I’m making it. My invites have of course been created and mailed (I mentioned them briefly in this entry), table plan is designed (but not printed), table numbers need to be designed and I need to ‘make’ the guestbook*, so these last six weeks are looking to be pretty hectic.

I don’t fancy giving out details about the wedding to all and sundry, so once the big day has been and gone, I’ll consider posting some of the design work on my blog. Since creating them, I’ve actually been approached by the sister of the printer I used to create her invites in the same style. We got a lot of compliments for the design, but there’s no bigger compliment that others love them as much as I do when they want to use your design for their own wedding. I’m really chuffed!

*I can’t take credit for the whole book, as I’m actually going to be customising an existing scrapbook.


// Things I love (V)

23 06 2010

“Rearview camera? Why on earth would I need that?” | “Leather seats? Seriously?” | “Plenty of head room they said. Well what about neck room?”

I’m fairly sure I’ve mentioned my love of Typography Served previously, and here it is, the source of more awesomeness. I bloody love giraffes, in case you didn’t already know!

These beautiful posters were created by One Horse Town Illustration Studio.

// Looking for work

29 06 2009

I live and breathe graphic design. I can commit myself 100% to a project, whether it’s a logo development, a multi page brochure or promotional material. I immerse myself in it, not surfacing until I’ve created something I’m happy with. Something I’m proud of.

Since graduating in 2006 I’ve worked in both a studio, and an in-house environment, as well as on a freelance basis and over the years I can look back over what I’ve produced (sometimes whilst cringing, sometimes not) and know that over the years, I have undoubtedly refined my skills and striven forwards. I have improved. I know I have.

Last month, this changed. Out of the blue I was made redundant and found myself amongst the 600,000 people estimated to lose their jobs during 2009. I’ve since gone through the process of sprucing up my CV (it looks pretty damn good if I say so myself), bulking out my portfolio with my best pieces of work; some old, some new and sending off work samples along with my CV to a multitude of job adverts and companies I like the look of.

All I need now is an opportunity to show my portfolio off to someone!

// Design Work

27 05 2009

I’m aware that I haven’t posted a great deal of my own design work to date, and it’s about time that I try and remedy that. This project for Aqua Rose —a wedding and event coordination company based in the south of England— consisted of a number of elements.

Firstly as this was a new company, they required the initial brand development, the result of which can be seen below. They also required initial flyers, which I created as double sided DL (99x210mm) printed on a silk artboard, and a full stationery package consisting of letterheads, compliments slips and business cards.

Aqua Rose

For the logo development I worked in Adobe Illustrator, which I have become increasingly familiar with over the last ten months – prior to this I can honestly say I’d not had a great deal of contact with it having been using Macromedia Freehand instead. The layouts for all printed items were created using Adobe InDesign which I’ve been using now for years – I rely heavily on this now for Graphic Design.

// Graphic Design Day

27 04 2009

Happy Graphic Design Day everyone! To ‘celebrate’ the day, I thought I would write a blog share some of my current favourite business card designs.

I use my account on weheartit to bookmark things which are a) of interest, or b) inspirational – these are both. I add to my resources as and when possible and I have a nice selection of things building up my account.

// Helvetica

18 04 2009

I can’t say I’m one of those designers who relies upon Helvetica for all design work, in fact, I used to see it so frequently throughout university that I actually came to dislike it (through no fault of its own). It’s no secret that my heart currently lies with Swis 721 (thin & light in particular) ♥

However, I recently came across Helvetica when font-browsing on my work computer and I realised that actually, I do quite like it! To the extent that I opted for a new desktop image:

I also came across a really interesting article the other day, when perusing webdesignerdepot.com. I’m not actually a web designer, but the website also features a multitude of general design related things which makes for interesting reading. The article I’m referring to is ’40 Excellent Logos Created with Helvetica’.

My favourites out of the selection provided are Tupperware, Skype and The North Face. They’re all simple, yet effective, and obviously they are all well known, well established brands. Which are your favourites?

// Frustrations

30 01 2009

I’m currently working on a page layout which can be used by everyone in the company to create uniform documents and presentations, following our brand guidelines. Unfortunately, it needs to be editable in Microsoft Word which all members of staff have access to. & so it transpires that MS Word is actually the devil. I’m confident that I am not the only person in the world to feel this way about Microsoft and their many products.

Doing this in Adobe InDesign would be no problem. InDesign is my life. I work with it constantly, five days a week for eight hours a day – excluding toilet breaks of course – and it’s fair to say my program knowledge is extensive; I can do exactly what I want in terms of layout, formatting etc.

MS Word (or, The Devil, as I’m beginning to refer to it) is a whole different ball game…I’ll check back once I have defeated it.