// Things I love (VI)

28 11 2010

Loving the muted, pastel shades of these photos, and the warmth they omit. I’ve linked them all back to weheartit so that any users of that site can heart any of these images they like. Enjoy ♥


// Things I love (V)

23 06 2010

“Rearview camera? Why on earth would I need that?” | “Leather seats? Seriously?” | “Plenty of head room they said. Well what about neck room?”

I’m fairly sure I’ve mentioned my love of Typography Served previously, and here it is, the source of more awesomeness. I bloody love giraffes, in case you didn’t already know!

These beautiful posters were created by One Horse Town Illustration Studio.

// Things I love (III)

24 01 2010

This is my first (of hopefully many) ‘Things I love’ post of 2010. You can check out previous posts from this category by clicking here. We heart it has been difficult today, so this entry has taken a lot longer to piece together than it should have. Consequently it’s shorter than I would’ve liked!

What are you guys loving right now?

// Things I Love (II)

5 12 2009

Following on from this ‘things I love’ entry, I promised to make it a regular thing, and here is my second posting. Not strictly design related this week, but just images which made me stop, and look again, or look more closely. Basically images which have something about them, from fake clouds and macaroons, to birdcages and rubber ducks. Enjoy!

// Things I love (I)

24 11 2009

This is partially inspired by Gala’s ‘Things I Love Thursday’, but also by the fact there are such a lot of things I see online which I love, but have no real ‘outlet’ for, apart from to add them to my we heart it when I get the chance, so I thought I might made ‘Things I love’ posts a regular thing here.

It’s probably also worth mentioning the fact that my Action Book arrived yesterday, and I am super excited to have used it the past couple of days. I love it already and genuinely think it’s going to prove to be a super useful tool.