// It’s been a while…

30 03 2010

I really need to get back into blogging. I’ve really missed it, and I have so many things I’d like to write about, it’s just finding the time to do so. Work has been very busy recently, and I’ve been putting in the hours in to keep up with my workload.

I’m really enjoying it, and despite the long hours the days are over before I know it because I’m so busy. I realised the other day that I’ve been living in London now for over six months which has totally flown by, and I realised how lucky I was to get such an amazing job. I work with a brilliant group of people, I’m learning new things and the work is varied.

All is well in Kate-land (apart from the lack of blogging)!


// Ecclestone & Miller

23 08 2009

Speculative logo design work created (whilst employed at a Leeds studio) for regional cleaning company Ecclestone & Miller. The colours I opted to use are complementary, providing a strong, vibrant contrast throughout the brand, and all four logos featured a prominent ampersand. The one featured here is by far my favourite of the set.

It’s possible that I’ll blog about ampersands in the future, as I find them such a fascinating letter form, and only discovered today that the ‘&’ is often regarded as the 27th letter of the alphabet.

// My latest adventure

18 08 2009

Image courtesy of In Habitat.

I’ve been so caught up recently with various things, including freelance work, and the Sydney Challenge that I haven’t had a spare moment to blog about my good news!

After months of hearing about the recession, and the current state of the British economy, my hard work of applying to job vacancies, contacting design agencies directly and walking four miles to get my Jobseekers Allowance has paid off. I’ve been offered a job! The company itself seems brilliant, they’ve produced some awesome work for some seriously big clients, the location is great and those who I’ve met so far seem extremely friendly and welcoming. I can’t wait to start!

So why, I hear you ask am I including a stereotypical photo of London with this post? I do live in Leeds, after all. Well…the new job is in London! To date, the furthest south I’ve ever lived is Grantham where I spent my teenage years, but I’m really looking forward to a change of scenery, and what is undoubtedly a fantastic career opportunity! I know there are lots of things in London to keep me occupied, and it has to be said that I’m excited about the prospect of having so much culture on my doorstep. So….feel free to recommend ‘must see’ London things (art galleries, the London Eye, general touristy things etc) for when I move down there in September.

I’m going to be based in South West London, but with such excellent transport links the entire city really is my oyster.

// Looking for work

29 06 2009

I live and breathe graphic design. I can commit myself 100% to a project, whether it’s a logo development, a multi page brochure or promotional material. I immerse myself in it, not surfacing until I’ve created something I’m happy with. Something I’m proud of.

Since graduating in 2006 I’ve worked in both a studio, and an in-house environment, as well as on a freelance basis and over the years I can look back over what I’ve produced (sometimes whilst cringing, sometimes not) and know that over the years, I have undoubtedly refined my skills and striven forwards. I have improved. I know I have.

Last month, this changed. Out of the blue I was made redundant and found myself amongst the 600,000 people estimated to lose their jobs during 2009. I’ve since gone through the process of sprucing up my CV (it looks pretty damn good if I say so myself), bulking out my portfolio with my best pieces of work; some old, some new and sending off work samples along with my CV to a multitude of job adverts and companies I like the look of.

All I need now is an opportunity to show my portfolio off to someone!

// Web browsers

11 03 2009

I work at a web / graphic design company, and as such, we have a number of browsers installed on our machines for web testing purposes. It’s imperative that websites work in all main browsers.

It’s a fairly small team and everyone’s browser of choice differs. I was surprised to see Wikipedia listing a lot of browsers I haven’t previously heard of, so maybe I’ll branch out further one day.

Here are my favourites, what are yours?

  1. Chrome
  2. Safari
  3. Firefox

I personally find Internet Explorer horrific to use, and was only too keen to move away from it permanently (which I did as soon as Chrome (Beta) was released last year). For starters, IEs interface is ugly, especially when compared to Chrome which is sleek and wonderfully minimal — nor is it lacking in features or usability, and it’s certainly got the sex appeal!

// Frustrations

30 01 2009

I’m currently working on a page layout which can be used by everyone in the company to create uniform documents and presentations, following our brand guidelines. Unfortunately, it needs to be editable in Microsoft Word which all members of staff have access to. & so it transpires that MS Word is actually the devil. I’m confident that I am not the only person in the world to feel this way about Microsoft and their many products.

Doing this in Adobe InDesign would be no problem. InDesign is my life. I work with it constantly, five days a week for eight hours a day – excluding toilet breaks of course – and it’s fair to say my program knowledge is extensive; I can do exactly what I want in terms of layout, formatting etc.

MS Word (or, The Devil, as I’m beginning to refer to it) is a whole different ball game…I’ll check back once I have defeated it.

// Enough copy to publish a novel

19 01 2009

Over recent weeks, myself and my colleagues have been bombarded with copy. Lorem ipsum is there for a reason; it allows you to see how much space is realistically available. I work predominantly on print design, the little work I do related to web is normally image related to assist others, but I’ve seen pages and pages of text which have been sent over for us to insert onto a website. Why don’t people realise that nobody is going to sit there reading all those words. That’s all it amounts to; words. There are too many of them for people to want to read and digest, and so your message is lost.

At least with a website, you can scroll – with print design you cannot. The space you see is the space you have available. I cannot emphasise just how frustrating it is to receive enough copy to fill four times the available space. On Friday I condensed an article to about half its original size; cutting out surplus information, facts that were repeated throughout and paragraphs which held no real value in relation to the topic. And the result? The client is more than happy with my amended version. Now we just need to get it all finalised and approved and we can get it printed!